Sunday, July 09, 2006


Friendship Spinners was yesterday. Pictures? Prohibited - everyone there was in the Witness Protection Program.

It was a lovely day! A July gathering is always a crapshoot as far as the weather is concerned and we lucked out. (Is that throwing a 7 or making point? It's been so very long since I shot craps.) Partly cloudy, low humidity, and a high of 85. A nice turn out and excellent food as usual. Lots of fiber for sale, too.

I've been trying to get fibers ready for next Saturday in Columbus (Indiana) for Knitty Paws First Annual Dye Day and Fiber Fest. Fuzzarelly will have Al Gora, Silky Al Gora and Silky Al Gora with noils. Also, Shee Gora, Silky Shee Gora and Silky Shee Gora with noils. And silk. All dyed and beautifully blended by me. I also will be taking the 4 little babies and Caspar Milquetoast to sell. It's not too hard to sell Caspar as I've gotten good wool and good genes out of him and I have several other boys. But the babies will be hard - they are at their most adorable, being 8 weeks old.

Getting the fiber ready is way too much like having a real job - except without a regular paycheck. Rather like being an artist. Of which I have been reminded being. (How is that for grammar?) Say whut? I have an art quilt show lined up for the late fall and the best part is the gallery called me! After the FiberMania fiasco last year, I was tempted to set fire to all my pieces. But did not, mainly because of the effort it would have taken.. I have had ideas for new art quilts, but now I have the motivation and the incentive to actually create something. Now I'll really have to clean the studio. Crap. It's always something.

Here is a picture of Stuart. He's going to be Lady Murgartroyd mate.

And Heizen, who lives under the shed now. We've put up a little fence but he can still come and go. He's becoming quite the
neighborhood character.