Sunday, June 05, 2011

My life is not so bad, considering the circumstances. I have nothing to complain about. Sweetie's job is good through August, (yay, us!) and he is getting a monetary bonus for just showing up every day! Seems like some folks there are saying fuck it, and quitting without notice.

The weather has turned hot, but the low humidity here makes it more bearable for me.  Still, I am living in the box fan's shadow all day and night long. 

Yesterday, I gave Trixie her first "hare" cut, more out of necessity than anything else. She found an escape from the back porch through a tear in the bottom of the screen door, and she had taken to having unsupervised adventures for a few days. Which was fine, because she only went into the back and front yard, and knew where the back door was and returned to it. Or so we thought!
Trixie's First Hare Cut
Thursday afternoon, she made another great escape unnoticed by me and mine. Sweetie went out on Search Patrol, only to find her IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, TWO HOUSES UP FROM US. If not for some kids on bicycles noticing and spooking her, and Sweetie being on the prowl, there is no telling where the Little Shit would have wound up, most likely being a fuzzy pancake. Door is now fixed, as is her wagon. She had a sweet gum ball stuck to her stomach, and twigs and hitchhikers and yard debris stuck all over her. I swear, she is as ornery as Fuzzarelly ever was! And? I love her to pieces.

Gertie gets adventurous
Gertie is slowly becoming more settled into our routine and is not so much with the freaked-out-don't-kill-me attitude. Thank goodness. She and Trixie get along very well, and I am glad to have both of them.

These are two mohair scarves completed last month, both mohair and both done in the same pattern, k2tog, yo, every row over an even number of stitches. Easy Peasy. 
Two mohair scarves

And this is a silly knit bunny about three inches tall, because I cannot help myself!
Silly Bunny, Computer Mascot

I have begun a lace shawl in handspun, two-ply all mohair, dyed a burnt orange with chestnut brown overtones. More on that later.