Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Little Murgatroyd got her first haircut last week; beautiful tawny wool with a great crimp. She was such an adorable fuzzball that I hated to clip her but it was hot and she was very fuzzballish. And because of her fuzzballishness, I was Shocked! Shocked, I say! at the extent of her mother's appetite. She's missing the toes and a bit more on her left front leg but she's missing her ENTIRE RIGHT PAW and then some! Her two front appendages sort of splay to the sides, especially on a smooth surface. The little baby looks rather like a seal, front part on the ground, butt sticking up, scoonching along but also with her front legs paddling back and forth ineffectually. Or maybe a water skimmer is a better description. Definitely not bunny-like. On grass or carpet, she still looks odd but hops all over the place - awkwardly and not real fast - but she is motivating over the hill. What is so endearing about all this is the fact that she has no clue. She is so unbelievably sweet natured and curious about everything and scared by nothing.

Last night, I decided that Murgatroyd will be a House Bunny from here on out. I've even been thinking about making her a little peg leg, if only to even her out since one leg is an inch shorter than the other. I obviously have too much time on my hands.

I found this link today for Deutchland Cats Uber Alles. Be warned that there are a lot of pictures and will take a while to load.