Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apply after shower.

Again with the no pictures. Seems like I shoot my wad for the Back Roads Harrison County blog and then have nothing left for this one.

I have been actually working. I know! Strange! First dyeing merino and angora for batts, then making batts. I hope to create at least 150 one-ouncers, and would love to have almost twice that, by next weekend for the 3rd Annual Upper Valley Fiber Fest in Troy, Ohio. Also, The Spinning Bunny has requested more product as she has also had great sales of my stuff.

Oh, what a problem it is to be popular.

I released the chickens today from their tractor/coop into the fenced part of the back yard. They fluttered around and flew a little, then scratched and pecked and did like chickens do. And they arelike real chickens now with real feathers, not like little chicks. The kids, they grow so fast.

Then there has been the wee rabbit called Li'l Bit, the one with all that testosterone and the urge to fight all comers. I called around for neutering quotes and was appalled at what I heard. The figures ranged from $178 to $250. For 2.8 pounds of bunny. I mean, really, because a tom cat or a male dog costs maybe $50 for the ol' snipperoo and so I was not pleased. Or willing. Good ending, though, because this past weekend I connected with an old friend that just happens to work for the vet that does the low cost spay/neuter program for this county, and an appointment was made for tomorrow, for $60. I can deal with that.

I was reminded that bunnies are fragile and that every operation is a serious thing, but I am so happy that it is likely that Li'l Bit will join Heizen as a Permanent House Bunny.