Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Take twice daily.

I seem to have lost my blogging voice here lately.

Sweetie has been home and on the computer a lot, looking and applying for work. And just surfing, too. Making up for lost time. I was busy getting ready for, and not posting about, the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. I have no business sense sometimes.

So much of what I would say if I did blog it sounds so repetitive to my own ears. Clipping bunnies and the outside bunnies that go missing or are found dead. (Doody-Head found with a bit of "clover" still in his mouth. It was, in fact, oxalis. Poison like rhubarb leaves.) It becomes harder and harder to get attached to them and I don't like being cavalier when they go, but otherwise? I would be crying more than I already do over them. My friend NancyNeverSwept says that bunnies are like potato chips in the animal kingdom. Snacks, in other words. She is right. One six week old white baby was a snack, or maybe an entire meal, for some bird of prey earlier this week. The neighbor girls found its remains and we built a funeral pyre for it. A lesson in the circle of life.

Then there is the new dog we have taken in. Princess is a very good girl, if somewhat timid. I reckon she is about 2 years old and lived with Neighbor Nancy's ex-whatever all her life. This morning I discovered tapeworms in her poop. Life is fun! Fortunately, I had medicine on hand, in the right dosage, because this shit happens. All it takes is one flea eaten.

Then there are the two neighbor girls, who have made their second home here. I am not used to having little kids around. At all. But then again, they are really good girls (mostly) and when they become too rambunctious or obnoxious, I send them home. The oldest, Lezlie, has taken to borrowing our camera and taking pictures. She is six. This is her shot from our front porch yesterday.

And it has turned Suddenly Summer. Hot and humid, or rainy and even more humid. We are in conservation mode and have not turned on the AC yet this year, although my breathing make make it imperative shortly.

Visited my doctor yesterday in hopes of finding generic alternatives for both my asthma and mental pills, and she obliged even though I had to tell her about the pill form of albutural which Walgreens offers for $12 for a three month supply.

Oh, and we have a water leak between the meter and the house and until funds appear miraculously to replace the line, we are living on one or two hours of running water each day. Just one more thing to deal with.

So, life has been filled with my mundanity.

Except for the garden! I have ten tomato plants of various sorts, onions, sunflowers, and zucchini! The little corral of compost seemed so desolate back in early March, but now look at it!

And I cannot forget the chickens, who have given me and Sweetie so much delight - in spite of the six a.m. crow-fest. The bantys are not picking on the Lady Bird and Miss Biddy so much anymore, as they are almost the size of the roosters and soon shall surpass them in height and breadth. Payback may be hell.

Heizen spends his days inside their tractor/coop which just crackers me up. But really, it is cool and secure and he has his window on the world.