Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh Baked!

Another reason to like living in a small community. And banking at a local branch.

Today I went to town for groceries and stuff, and left my wallet at home. I had my purse, but no wallet. The wallet that has my debit card, driver's license, checkbook, proof of insurance. My official life, in other words. At least I discovered this before I got to the cashier.

I drove to my bank, and since it is Wednesday, there was only drive-thru service. The teller recognized me, and I her, and she was able to cash a counter check for me, even though the only ID I had was my face and her memory. How cool is that? I didn't even know my account number.

Had to go to the MalWart, (your place for cheap plastic shit,) looking for dowel rods. The Walgreen's didn't carry them, neither did the Tractor Supply, or my regular grocery store. MalWart didn't have them, either. Dammit. I need dowel rods to finish making several spindles for my drop spindling class. However, nobody has signed up yet, and the class is February 27th, so I might not have bothered. I have three or four ready anyway.

It was so nice yesterday that I took a walk around my part of the town. Here is the spring that is the reason Laconia is where it is. Fresh water. The town was platted in 1816, and about 2 years ago the town council agreed to dredge and rock the overgrown ditch that the stream had become. Very nice.

Work on the old school building is still underway.

The gym has been refloored and restored and has hosted a couple of dances over the winter. This is one of the old schoolroom floors that is being completely rebuilt. That's a lot o' money in treated lumber.