Thursday, September 29, 2011

Its a Mad World

I fell sick with a creeping crud on Monday, after portents of things to come on Sunday. Here it is Thursday, and I only feel moderately better. Some of my 'tubercular' hack-up reminds me of honey mustard, and today there was ketchup involved. I know. Ick.

I have slept about 20 hours of every day this week, which I hate, but I am unable to do otherwise. I hate being sick and alone. I am trying to start on a knitted sock, but it is slow going.

And then there are creeps on fb that I try to argue with. (Maybe I should say, well, Hitler made good roads! How about that!?) I know, I am almost delirious. Monday night I was mouthing along words to Blue Collar Comedy - other times, I just went "blblblba blablblb." Seriously. I don't think I have ever done that before without the use of recreational drugs.

On the 3rd season of Mad Men. Still loving it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Google it.

Trixie went into convulsions last night and died a few hours later. She had been eating, drinking, pooping just fine.

I am bereft.

Among the several dozens of bunnies I have had, this was something new.

Sweetie says I can't have another bunny.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Toasted!


Thanks to the technology that is Netflix, I finally watched the first episode of Mad Men. I was fascinated by the wardrobe, by the interplay betwixt the sexes, the subtle and not so subtuttle power play machinations and the characters. 

The final scene of Don Draper with his children and wife was totally unforeseen. I liked the show and I can see that I will want to see all of the episodes available. It seems to me to be more of a girlie-type show; maybe one that Sweetie wouldn't like, but I could be wrong. Also? The head tobacco guy was played by John Cullum, the sexy barkeep from Northern Exposure. It took me quite awhile to place his face in the dustbin that serves as my mind. 

Sweetie has gone onto his regular 2nd shift with the new company, and into overtime right away. Two extra hours every day and he'll work tomorrow, which means 18 hours of overtime this week. We can really use the money, so neither of us will complain very much. 

With him gone now, most of the week, I have been working more in my studio, sewing every day. There will be an Autumn Fest next Saturday on the street where the gypsies live, so I am trying to make as much product as possible.

My gypsies have been keeping me sane and happy. I love Leslie and Dammit Janet so much!

On the bunny front, Trixie has learned how to leap out of her corral here in the computer room, but she only does it at night. The rest of the day? She is happy to be 'kept,' but at night? Not so much. I hate to cage her within her cage, but she likes to jump up on us in bed and poop on the bedclothes. She reminds me so much of Sheila, (and sometimes I forget and call her by that name,) but Sheila never pooped or peed on the bed. She would rearrange my covers, annoy me, stare at me until I awoke to see her nose on mine, but she kept her shit out of the bedroom. Maybe Trixie will figure it out - she is using her litter box more and more.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Engineered for Brilliance

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day, and that you remembered the Labor Movement, for whom we can thank the 40 hour work week, the end of American child labor, better working conditions, and so on. 

I celebrated by working at Gypsy Gatherings. I usually go in on Mondays, and Leslie gave me the option of opening the store or not. I'm glad I did, because business was brisk! I've been making shopping bags, and I have a stack of things to work on, including a Halloween costume and some alterations. The costume will be a cancan sort of thing because I found a beautiful black and red Victoria's Secret corset and the perfect skirt from a fancy chair cover at Goodwill in Corydon. 

I grow weary sometimes of cranking out the same thing, so I used up left over bits and 
pieces from the numerous feedbag/shopping bags to make this. Reminds me of Carnaby Street mod from the 60s. Even though they take longer to make, they are fun. (And of course I will charge more for them.) This is the same bag, front and back.

I found this set of five leaves at 
GG. The largest is about 4.5" across. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted to hang them thusly, drifting down the wall. 

And these two darlings are scenic paint-by-numbers and they are on the same wall as the p-b-n parrots. I also acquired two large squirrel crewel embroideries, (crewel squirrels?) but they aren't up yet.

The heat wave finally broke on Saturday. It has been very hot here for three months, so to wake up to a 50ยบ morning is a delight. Today, the sky is a beautiful clear blue, and not a cloud to be seen. I feel really good.