Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Helps Fight Gum Disease

Everything has suddenly begun the shift towards Spring. The willow trees were first, as always, to show leaf green, then the flowering trees bloomed, and now many other trees are leafing. Grass has been mowed, and the fields look so healthy when compared to the miserable crops of last year's drought.

My allergies are causing trouble, so I have begun taking generic Zyrtec and that is helping. Saw my allergist yesterday, and took the pulmonary breathing test. The results, when compared to last year's in January, show a marked improvement in capacity and flow. So maybe those shots are helping after all.

I have found a tiny knitting/crochet group here in town that meets twice monthly. There were four of us on Sunday afternoon. There is interest there in a spindling lesson, and I am more than willing to oblige.

I am going to the All Missouri Spin-In this Saturday in Boonville, MO. I won't know a soul there, but when I go in carrying my wheel, I know I will be among friends. Really am looking forward to it. The following week brings the Lake of the Ozarks Fiber Fest and I hope to attend. What I really want to get is a sheep fleece, as I have this desire to touch and smell the real and raw thing then turn it into a sweater.

I have been preparing and spinning and dyeing and knitting mohair. I sent this stole to my sister-in-law in Georgia, and am working on another in shades of black and gray. It is essentially the reliable dishcloth pattern, expanded.

I am feeling very well; walking the dogs daily, eating right for the most part, and keeping the weight off. Mental health is also very good. Heart seems okay.

I got a playmate for Bunny Boo Boo. Baby is still nameless, although I like both Happy Happy and Cocoa.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Order Now!

Flat Rat Pack

I'd name them Frank, Dino, Joey, Sammy, and - who was that English fellow?