Thursday, July 23, 2009

I injured my hand last week, trying to remove some fiber from a gear of the supercarder. It wasn't jammed, but it is not wise to let things like this build up. It was my right hand, even, and I am right-handed. I maybe spent fifteen minutes on the task, with tweezers and steel crochet hook, attempting to remove fuzzy bits from an area hard to reach.

It didn't hurt until the next day. But, then the day after after that, it was mostly okay.

Come Tuesday, on my field corn raid, I injured it again, shucking. The bruise, the swelling, and pain was terrible yesterday. It was the fleshy part between the thumb and forefinger. Hurt like hell.

Sweetie had to clip a left hand nail that I broke, because I could not operate nail clippers. Nor could I unscrew bits from the bunnies' water bottles, so he helped me with chores. My hair needed help and it didn't get any. I ended up taking two aspirin and a benadryl, then sleeping with my hand in an elastic wrap for four hours. Woke up feeling better and now today, the next day, while still hurting, I am able to at least "pince" with thumb and forefinger. I am using the other three fingers on the right hand as much as is practicable.

I am finally getting a few ripe tomatoes from the garden, and also stir frying the green ones. Found a wok at a local yard sale last week and, while not a wok guru, I am fer shur enjoying some real wok chi. Love it. So much better than the skillet I used before.

Hope to get back in the studio today, at least by tomorrow, as I have zero product in house at the moment. Oh, wait. Tomorrow is the meeting of the Barefoot Spinners. Well.

This is an ancient book of manners that The Little Grey Bungalow blogged about; it is from the Golden Age of the 1890s. Some parts of it, especially the conversational arts, are still apropos.

Project Gutenburg is a gem of teh innerwebs.