Thursday, November 09, 2006

O Frabjous Day, Halloo Hallay!

By now, the giddiness of the election has worn off and one has to live with the reality. And the hope.

Hope that the poor, sick and needy will be helped.

Hope that the evangels will read their bibles and return to a more christ-like behavior.

Hope that diplomacy, not arms, can cure the morass in Iraq.

And Hope, the hope that springs eternal, for better days.

Fiber content: Work is continuing apace on the new and improved angora blend shawl. I am almost to the end of the yarn from the first, lamented attempt. I am so happy with the new one! I reckon that I have another 120 rounds to finish, and I am spinning more yarn and that is fun. With spinning, unless it is silk, one sees one's progress right away, and that can be a good thing.

The weather here is quite nice for November in almost Kentucky. But everyone that I speak to says that it will be a bad winter. Cold and snowy. Yippee!!! More spinning and knitting time!!!

The medz seem to be working. Preventafit has pretty much ended the Hot Flashes from Hell. Wow and Wow. It has also helped lighten the gravity that has been dragging me down. The Enthusiastimine has made me feel human again!! Less marsupial. I have even been cleaning the house! (Alert the media!)

The Bitch is Back!