Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Not available in all areas.

Finally! The Hateful lengthy-to-complete and Totally Wonderful entrelac socks for my doctor are finished. Complete. Last end woven in and they are ready for delivery, which I shall do this afternoon after my dentist appointment.

Oh. Yes. The dentist. The first of many bags of gold will be for whitening, and the others will be exchanged for a root canal and crown on one front tooth, and a veneer on my other front tooth, and a cavity fill on the tooth next to that.

I went, initially, for whitening and because the one front tooth had chipped a bit, then a bit more and I was afraid that it do what other of my teeth have done; chip, crack, and then fall out. This was the tooth that took the force of the baseball back when I was ten. We had no money for fancy things like dentists, so mom pushed the loose teeth back into my bruised gums and I ate mashed potatoes for two weeks. That particular tooth has been discolored ever since and the doctor said it because the root was dead. Hence the root canal.

I have been told that I have a beautiful smile, and I do smile a lot, in spite my chronic depression, and I want to have this work done.

I guess I am lucky to have kept what teeth I do have for as long as this.