Saturday, August 15, 2009

Join today!

I went to the farmer's market this morning. Found nothing there to write home about; I wanted some green beans and there were none. I am finally, maybe, getting some zucchini from my garden. I overplanted my little space, but now that the tomatoes and sunflowers are dying back, the zukes are getting sun and airflow. I have never been able to grow any sort of squash here, because of squash borer bugs, but all I am seeing now are stink bugs. Not getting so many tomatoes, just enough to keep Sweetie in sandwiches. The asian pear tree is loaded.

Princess was spayed Wednesday and was slow to recover. Yesterday, I was most worried because she was yelpy and not eating or pooping. Still very sore.

Today? Much better. Her appetite is improved and she finally did number two. She seems to be a trainable dog, as all she wants to do is please. She is also more dog-like that Bonnie or Buster ever were. She loves to ride in the car and hang her head out the window! She is also gentle and interested in her world. Easily cowed, though. I have only had to fuss at her once, when she ate some of my bunny wool. She sulked or cowered for hours afterwards, but she hasn't messed with the many bags of fur that I keep since. Next trick, to get her not to chase outdoor bunnies when they run away from her.

This is Sparkle. A friendly, sweet and social guy. A friend's kids wanted a bunny back in the spring, and I had several babies for her to choose from. The kids opted for one of the outside kits that I had brought in, over an angora. And now the kids? Not so interested and I have taken Sparkle back.