Thursday, August 10, 2006


Excellent weather today! Hot hot hot and then seemingly from out of nowhere, (the North) - a cold front blew in and pushed the stubborn heat further south. The temperature started at 90 and an hour later, it was 75. What a wind! 40 mph gusts from north skies that were angry and dark. But no harm was done save for a few little branches down and now, it's raining nicely, the wind has moved on and it's lots cooler. What's not to like?

Got those bunnies from Jean today! What wonderful babies! One is Anna Nicole's sister, Louise or Weezie, and there are two more big german boys. There's Lucy, who looks like Murgie's big sister, and only one of Fuzzarelly's brothers, FuzzyBob. I had thought there were two brothers, but I was wrong. Finally, we have Button Nose. She's an ecru colored english with a big brown nose marking and dark eyes. Got their cages up in quick time and they are settling in. How exciting to have so many new babies at once!

And be still my beating heart, the silk noil came today! I love you, Dave my UPS Guy. The silk is lightweight but with a nice, meaty hand. I will probably do a dye sample tonight since I really do need to get busy with this stuff.

I'll have plenty of non-Sweetie time as he will be working all weekend. We got spoiled there for awhile when for at least a year, he worked a regular 5 day week. Guess the new owners didn't get that memo. They are putting in new lines and cranking out a lot of product. Potato chips in every flavor. Also, corn chips and tortilla chips. And somebody on first shift quit and another is on vacation. So Sweetie works a lot of overtime keeping those wheels of industry turning.

I got those little finger splints (the folks at Davis Drugs must have seen and heard it all - no one batted an eye) and taped one onto Murgatroyd's right leg. (Was going to use Velcro but it was much too fussy.) She doesn't even seem to notice it or mind it. Here she is playing around with my new socks on the sheep.

Making a smoking section in a restaurant is like making a peeing section in a swimming pool.