Wednesday, March 19, 2008

May Cause Dizziness

Oh, my dear Knitting Linguist -

If you think the Runtling is adorable, cast your gaze upon the late and still very much lamented Murgatroyd! He went over the Rainbow Bridge almost a year ago and still Sweetie and I say regularly, "I miss Murgie."

This is Also Your Return Envelope

Lots of rain here. Lots. Rain is forecast until midnight tonight.

None of this water should be here. There is a little creek, (I say crick,) that you can't usually see. And more rain coming.

Sheila's babies are all still in the house. It's getting a little out of hand, the volume of poop and all. I'm really going to have to deal with this. Soon. I said that last week, didn't I. They just have free run in the house and I can find them anywhere, at anytime. They are still so darn cute!

Still cranking away at the drum carder and slaving over a hot dye pot. The brochure is pretty much done, too. I'll only have them in black and white, because I intend to have copies made at the copy shop. Hewlett Packard inks run and bleed at the slightest hint of moisture. Ask me how I know.