Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let's Eat!

Lord Murgatroyd cracks me up. I feed the dogs every evening about 7:30, and Murgie knows it. When I start rattling dog bowls and dishing out pellets, he hops into his cage and starts looking for his food. Sweetie took two photos of him to his work yesterday, since he yammers on about him all the time. I think he has his own fan club now! Murgie, too.

Learned a couple of things recently. First, I look great in V necks! I've always hated V necks and never wore them until this summer. I can now identify both horse weed and ragweed. They are in bloom now. I am a masochist and a passive-aggressive so I almost got into an argument with Sweetie but went out and mowed this afternoon instead. I'll make myself sick and that'll show the bastard.

Thanks for all the emails and fish. I do need your good vibes right now.