Thursday, October 07, 2010

Special today...


I was detailing my day on the phone to a friend this afternoon. I had been in my sewing room completing wind socks. I had done the usual chores associated with the bunnies, chickens, and duck. I had collected the body of an entirely unknown, yet not wild, bunny from the street in front of my house and taken it to the cemetery. I had tended to the sick, and possibly dropped-off bunny that I have held captive and caged on the front porch for three weeks now. (I have administered Ivermectin and penicillin and topical anti-robotics, and yet a new wound cropped up yesterday from seemingly no where, and there were disgustingly huge amounts of pus expressed.) 

(I fear that I will nurse him back to health, only to have him squished beneath car tires when I release him.)

I collected two such squished bunnies from in from of Good Neighbor Nancy's house on Monday. I am not sure that I recognized them, either. 

My point is, if there is one, that I had not spoken to another person since Sweetie left this morning at 5:30 until the phone call at 2:00. 

My day had mostly been devoted to taking care of others and other things. That is my life. Probably just like 95% of other women in the world. Taking care of everyone else but me.

I did brush my teeth today. 

I also seem to have lost my camera. Damn it.