Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Accept no substitute

It's cold. 

Yes, I know it is January in Missouri and it should be cold, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Yesterday, as I bundled up to go out, I wondered which I disliked more - bundling up for the cold or self-basting in the heat. Today should reach 38ยบ. Yay! Above freezing. My studio has been too cold to work on 'Leslie,' and on Monday and Tuesday, I didn't feel well. Mostly just cuddled on the couch with sudoku puzzles. 

Going to Columbia today for therapy and an allergy shot. Also Goodwill, as I can always use more clothes that fit. My appetite has returned, and I worry that I will gain weight. Especially since I am being a slug here lately. At least I eat mostly good stuff, and Diet Coke is now back in my life. I once lived on cigarettes and Diet Coke. Healthy! 

I really am pleased with 'Leslie.' The piece is turning out just as I hoped. And planned. Looking at it makes me happy.