Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun for the whole family!

Alas, what I have is not a real pussy willow. It is a cottonwood tree, but it has little grey and fuzzy buds that look extraordinarily like pussy willow branches, to which they are botanically related.

I enjoy what I do have - a lovely cottonwood tree. In my own back yard!

Too many bunnies are bunking in the living room, as attested to by the ceiling fan above them.

The outside baby bunnies, I am relieved to report, are surviving. They are not quite so skittish as in the past, since I released the three at the same time the babies were first venturing out. "The Big Guys aren't afraid of the Big Pink Thing that feeds us. We won't be too afraid either."

This is one of two little brown ones.

And there are three little black ones, too.