Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Extra Absorbant

Damn it. Rassles says so much of the shit I want to say. Or, I would say it if my fingers could keep up with my brain and I had more talent at writing.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Because Wool.

I used to weave. I once had several looms. I also had tendonitis, and eventually, I had no looms anymore. But I have wanted to weave a little bit, do something with my hand spun besides knit, and so I bought this.

I warped a short cotton warp and I wove some samples using cotton, mohair, wool and chenille as weft and I was well and truly pleased, especially at how gentle it was on my body and how nice the selvedges were. (Someday, I may make a warp weighted loom. Because weaving.

Not smart enough to leave well enough alone, and use commercial warp, I spun 700 yards of a Lincoln cross. It has no give. I am now naturally dyeing it with summer leftover dye and I have washed the brown fleece, double coated and I can't remember the breed, which shall be the weft. The soft undercoat part. I hope to weave 9 feet of fabric, 18" wide, and then felt it, and then make something with it.

It's a happy thing to be doing in December, especially as today brings rain and then snow tonight.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Irony for fun and profit.

The sweater is complete, save for blocking. And maybe some tidying of ends. I am pleased with it and it looks pretty good on me. I have some leftover yarn - actually, a good bit of yarn - so I have cast on for some sort of hat to go with.

I have recently been cleaning my studio and today I have begun preparations for the Ugly Fabric Challenge for the local quilt group. I think I will go with something square and triangley; something traditional. My goal is to get back to Leslie and my art.

I want to spin more, too. I just ordered the Kromski Harp, 22" rigid heddle loom. I'm hoping to weave some scarves from handspun and I'm hoping that this loom won't aggravate my tendonitis. That is what put an end to my past weaving efforts.

Anyway. All is good. I am well. Thanksgiving was swell. Ding dong derry in the dell.