Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Void where prohibited by law

I love the months of April and May.

I am able to sit on the front porch and not be pestered by the skeeters. Soon, I will have to drench myself in bug repellant in order to be outside. A major drag. I hate being so sensitive to mosquito bites - I welt up and itch like crazy. I detest the repellant, too. Damn allergies.

Winehouse's babies are thriving! A few have their eyes open, and most have erect ears. Itty bitty ears. Adorable, they are.

Outside, 8 little bunnies have been discovered living under the methodist church that abuts our back yard. Four white, two brown, and two black. Jackie Brown is the alleged mom. They have the itty bitty ears, too. Good neighbor Nancy keeps track of and feeds many of the outside kids.

The Thursday evening before my fiber event, Floppy was killed by a neighbor's dog, Red, in my good neighbor Nancy's yard. I was distraught. Floppy had just figgered out out to get of the backyard enclosure the week before. Because of her wry neck, she was not the most swift of bunnies, but still. This is not the first time that Red has summarily executed one of my kids. On my property or on my good neighbor's property. I cradled her warm body in my arms and visited Red's dad in tears.

"Jerry," I said, "Look at what your dog has done." (Again)

What followed was a drunken diatribe that boiled down to his opinion that it was my fault. Not his or his dog's. I did not threaten him, his family, or his dogs, but he did threaten Buster and my bunnies. Hearsay is that he also threatened me and Sweetie - not to my face but once I had left the area. A BB shot cracked one of our upstairs windows shortly thereafter, but we cannot prove a thing.

City dwellers will say that I should have called the police. And I did consider doing that. In the end, I decided not to involve the sheriff's office.

I did not want a tit-for-tat redneck feud.

Sweetie says he will take steps that this will not happen again.

There are times I absolutely hate this town. And this life.

But I do love my bunnies.