Monday, January 28, 2008

Breathe Deeply

Today, Sweetie mocked my reclusiveness. In the real world and the less-real world of Ravelry.

He visited my profile there and said, "Hey honey, this is just like MySpace and FaceBook! It's social networking!" Oh crap, I thought. How dorky it this. "You really need to get involved if you want Fuzzarelly Fibers to grow!"

I know. I know. I hear you. Shut up, dorky butt.

I recently sold every-little-bit o' Fuzzarelly Fiber to The Sassy Spinster in Lancaster, Texas. So if I talk up FF, then I will actually have to make more. Sigh and dammit. (crank crank crank)

Sweetie just laughed out loud at me. Out loud! I'm glad I can amuse him. The Rat Bastard!

So. I updated my profile on Ravelry and friended four or five people that had friended me. Hi, Shannon, Valerie, Victoria, Kitty, Nancy! And I joined two whole groups.

Even worse, has been getting hits from the Fiber Event in Greencastle, and the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival in Corydon. That means I really need to actually update and work on the site. Double Crap and Damn!!

I can not work! The bats and acid-crazed brown recluse spiders make it impossible for me to deal with people!

Pictures of Wednesday. Not quite three weeks old and currently 8.1 oz! Astounding! Despite my earlier doubts, I think he'll make it.

Lastly, forced Sweetie out of the house yesterday to visit a beaver mound, which is in a quarry lake down the road a bit. Couldn't quite photo the actual beaver home but here is an example of their handiwork.

'Beaver mound' made me realize that I haven't bathed or changed clothes in some time. Maybe it is the inner homeless person, european, psychotic in me. Is this TMI? Please excuse.