Wednesday, June 21, 2006


From “Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene” by Thomas Sowell:
  “The beauty of doing nothing is that you can do it perfectly. Only, when you do something, is it almost impossible to do it without mistakes. Therefore people who are contributing nothing to society except their constant criticisms, can feel both intellectually and morally superior.” Discuss…

A hot day here in the Ohio Valley! Time for a road trip! Lynne and I attended the Barefoot Spinners meeting near Stamping Ground, Kentucky. The only picture I took was of the notorious Maryland Lambs, shown here with Kathy. One is a Harlequin, the other is a Finn and they are named Ellie May and Jethro.

I am tired. Was up until midnight working on Fuzzarelly's Fibers. I'm going to a little fiber gig on July 15 and need to get some product together.

And lastly, in order to get my ass in gear, I'm posting a picture of the Studio of Shame. My bricks and mortar store closed almost one year ago and IT IS TIME to get it behind me. I have made some progress but now I really believe that I have enough emotional distance to either give away, sell or throw away the detritus. Stay tuned for progress reports.