Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have begun the pink mohair shawl.

Recipe: Cast on 8. Knit around.
Increase 4. Knit around.
Increase 8. Knit around.
Continue to increase 8 every other round. Insert lace pattern in appropriate place.
Knit until you run out of yarn or patience.

Here she is, near the beginning.

Now, I've switched to short circular needles. 40 stitches are added every 10 rows, so it grows quickly. Punk rock mob cap.

The big sugar maple in the front yard was taken down Sunday.

When we moved here in the fall of 1994, that tree was incredibly beautiful. It's leaves were yellow gold and it was a WOW! of a sight. That 65 foot tall tree was our sole air conditioning for a half dozen years.

Then came the beginning of the end. Age, drought, and possibly a virus - whatever the cause, the tree was dying. Each spring saw fewer green leaves and more barren branches. Each storm brought down limbs.

So. The tree cutters did their work, quickly and skillfully.