Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Taxes, Fees & Other Charges

Bad new first. Had two dead bunnies to take care of this morning. One was a little white outside baby that a dog, (arrgh!) probably one of Evil Neighbor Jerry's two new pups (aaarrrrrrghhhh!) attacked and broke his front leg. He was found and brought to me last week, and even though he rallied, I found him gone last night. Then early this morning, there was a little grey one squished on the road in front of the house. Sigh, but so it goes. Grey bunny on grey road at grey dawn. I took both of them down to the cemetery.

Good News now. We are going on our trip anyway! I am going to have Good Neighbor Nancy take care of all my critters and keep and eye on the house. This is most likely the only window of opportunity for this trip, as the weather will be good and Sweetie is still not working, (but finally has some prospects,) we have money and a van to sleep in and a dog that loves to travel. Once Sweetie gets a job, there will be no vacation anytime soon.

So, we're just going!

I am kind of psyched about it, but he is really really psyched to take me to where he spent 8 years in the Air Force.