Monday, May 12, 2008

Not for Home Use

Back and recovering from the fiber festival weekend. The over-stimulus of these events does me in every time. The drive to Troy, Ohio was longer than I anticipated and the rain and horrible traffic didn't help. I arrived 90 minutes later than planned, wrung out. Hippie Art Chick (HAC) and I made the wise choice of a Super 8 Motel over camping in the rain and cold. The machete was not needed after all.

The show was good for me; I made my nut and more. Other vendors were not so fortunate. Fuzzarelly Fibers was the only booth offering brightly colored angora blends, plus discounted knitting needles. There were a lot of dyed sock yarn and roving and one interesting booth with arty totes. HAC has the best designs for rug hooking that I have ever seen.

The fairgrounds were nice. (I wish my county had such nice facilities!) This was the second annual Upper Valley Whatever, and I think I will return next year when it will be earlier in the year and a two-day thing.

My wares are not cheap (but not outrageous, either) and they are different. Those that drooled but didn't/couldn't buy may very well save their pennies and buy from me next time. Time it takes, young Jedi.

The only thing I bought was a sock darning egg-on-a-handle from the folks at SisterMade. (Maid?) Sweetie is hard on his socks, and we are frugal, so I do mend the ones I hand knit for him.

Zippiknits asked - what in the world did I do to my arm? It happened whilst I was clipping Sugar last week. With small, very sharp and pointed scissors. (If you would like a pair, let me know as I am a Gingher dealer. Then you too can stab yourself in the arm.) Somehow Sugar jumped and I grabbed and the next thing I knew, the scissors had jabbed me and the blood fountain began. It didn't get an artery, but rather a vein - possibly. I think the stab was maybe a half to three-quarter inches deep. Thank goodness that I have that padding of fat that comes with Ethel Merman underarms. The wound isn't infected so I expect the bruise will be gone shortly. When folks asked about it, I told them that I cut myself shaving.

Winehouse's babies are thriving. All of them. Amy has taken to chasing the cats - Millie especially, which just cracks me up as Millie is a constant torment to Reese's. Turnabout = fair play.