Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wasted days.

Play 8-ball for free. My top score is only about 10,000.

Games at - 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool
8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

Play this free game now!!

Sunday Buffet $8.99

I am not a big rap fan, but this link is interesting as it shows rap in 30 different languages. I think it is not the rap so much that I hate, but rather the background music. Some of this is quite catchy.

As is this great band, Movitz. Swedish rap swing. Listen.

I think this had become viral, what with 15 million views, but just in case you missed it, The Coolest Wedding Processional Ever.

I love the innerwebs. Keyboard Cat and the Three Wolf Moon T shirt.

Zit squeezers of the world unite.

Egg information from a great website.

Worst Carpool Ever.

Our ancestors, as children.Progressive politics are not a bad thing