Thursday, September 24, 2009

For recreational use only.

I have been knitting, if only little bit and sporadically. The shawl reincarnation slowly grows, with fewer mistakes since a large-area chart was printed. (Re-intarnation is when one returns as a hillbilly, by the way.)

On the aborted vacation, I cast on a pair of plain socks out of the pinkish sea cel/merino (at least I think that is what it's made from, as I have chronic CRS.) The socks also grow slowly.

Eeyore and Roostie have both recovered. I released Eeyore from his cage in the back yard yesterday, since the chickens only seem to go there at night anymore, and he promptly attacked Heizen. Sigh. Back in the cage, bubba, if you can't play nice.

I lost a barn bunny whilst I was at the Brothers'. It was Kelly Bob, the one with the tumor that I had excised three different times. I knew she was ailing, and was not surprised. I think her highly inbred line was more the cause than anything else. All the others are fine.

The Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival is coming up shortly and this will be the FIFTH year! If you are anywhere in the region, try to make plans and visit, because it has grown into a two day event with 65+ vendors, music, animals, classes, demos, and all the usual fibery goodness that we have come to expect. Victoria and her minions have done a superb job on this event, always.

Fuzzarelly will be there, too.