Friday, April 25, 2008

Select Firm, Ripe Fruit

How about a little knitting content, hmmmmm? This blog is not all knitting, all the time, although I usually have something on the needles as I do now. It's the same old and some old. Same old purple cashmere laceweight shawl. I would guess that it is about three feet across, but it is also a hexagon so that number is almost of no use. I'll have to slip it onto a string to see what she really looks like. When I do that, I will take pictures. This is my erstwhile Kentucky State Fair entry. I will get a blue ribbon this year. I will.

Haven't touched the double helix socks for almost 6 weeks. I am committed to getting this shawl done in time for entry, so there will be no other knitting projects until then.

Older Brother took the great bumblebee photo that I posted yesterday. He said that {he} "walked next door and took several pics of the tree we got for Tracy & Chad. This is its 3rd year and it just bloomed Monday. During my visit the bee decided to gather a little bee stuff right in front of the camera. 97 % luck and 3 % skill."

He lives upstate Indiana even though he does not like the cold.


While at Greencastle, I took the opportunity to save shipping costs and sent four pounds of raw angora and 6 pounds of prepared merino roving off to Zeilinger Wool, Co. in beautiful Frankenmuth, Michigan. I have learned the hard way that it takes a shit load of time and effort to create batts on my wonderful but non-electric Louet drumcarder, especially when I have to crank and card and re-card to blend it well. Upshot is...

the roving arrived yesterday!! Very Prompt! (Your mileage may vary. I think I was just lucky because I was told it could be up to 6 to 8 weeks.) What a nice job they did! No affiliation yadda yadda. I'm just so pleased and now I will have something new to take to Troy, Ohio's Upper Valley Fiber Fest. Date is Saturday May 10.