Monday, December 29, 2008

Merge Ahead

Back to what passes for normal around here. Yay.

That's one of the reasons that I don't much like any holiday; it screws up the routine. If one is borderline freaky, routine disruption is not to be scoffed at. There is different shit on the radio, and on the tv - if we actually watched it anymore. Sweetie was home for five days and bless him, he is back to work today. Again, yay.

The brown bunny, still unnamed, is thriving!

So is the white baby, who will be four weeks old tomorrow. He is as big as, but younger that, the brown. We call him Sluggo. Both he and brown are very sweet natured. Sweetie even thinks the brown could serve as house bunny. He only slightly pisses off Heizen, who is never pleased with company or competition.

To add to our menagerie, Good Neighbor Nancy gave us the very little brown bunny she captured last week. Seems like Nancy's Miss Cleo cannot abide another bunny in Her House. At all. Imagine biting, clawing and general acting out on Cleo's part. At least Heizen only loses bathroom manners.

So we have a new, very small brown baby. Yay!

Friend Betty Bob and MarkL drove away with two bunnies yesterday, Hattie and Mildred; aka The Girls who were born of Sheila last January. I got my second bunny from her several years ago, and so, now that she is ready for some small fiber animals, I returned the favor. I'm glad for everyone, as the girls get to stay together and Betty gets two bunnies that like living together in one large cage. I think everyone is happy.

Also, at Shakertown, I spoke with Lisa who had bought one of my buns at Greencastle last April. Caramel is their family delight! And, And! Caramel was used in a photo shoot for the Kentucky Opera which is staging Of Mice and Men in '09. With luck, we may see him on billboards this year. Lisa, her kids and her sweetie are still totally enthralled with the light brown bunny, and that makes me smile Big Time.

Claudia's lump is healing well. I am not able to express any more pusgoop, and the scab looks normal. A few more weeks and she'll be good as new.