Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your Partner in Good Government

We be knitting, bad back and all.

I am able to do a little bit of work on Sweetie's winter blankie, every so often. It has grown to almost 4 square feet.

It definitely has a "right" side, although I am working in the ends as I knit, so the tidying up at the finish won't be onerous. Each color block is picked up from previous work and there was only the tiniest bit of sewing at the beginning as I was honing my technique.

Sweetie finally harangued persuaded me into visiting his Chamber of Ho work out room and arranged me on some instrument of tor what he called the Roman chair. It helped me to stretch my back muscles and spine and there was relief. I am also using the heating pad more and the medz less.

The medz give me Bad Dreams. Sad dreams. Make me weep dreams.

Thanks to the support from NancyNeverSwept - "Go on and wallow" and Nibbler, who apparently was arrested over the weekend, I am getting better.

I was sad that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. So I shot him. Now I feel better.

And now---Bunnies!

Oh, and this deserves its own post, but I am delighted that our apple tree and asian pear trees are drooping with bounty!