Friday, June 12, 2009

Do Not Share This Medicine.

Knitting progress:

Almost finished with the heel flaps. This is being an enjoyable knit, even though if one drops a stitch, there is hell to pay. The yarn is slippery and the metal needles are small and slippery and I am knitting tight. Otherwise, lots o' fun. Srsly.

Princess is the most obedient pup I have ever had. Learned that she had spent her entire life either caged inside or tied up outside, so maybe she is just so happy to have free run of a house. I have started letting her out sans leash for pee breaks and she comes right back when called. Of course, she gets a little treat for doing so. Inside, she is either on the floor or couch or bed, right beside me and if I stir, she is on my heels. She doesn't bark, pester Buster or the cats, or chew. Perfect! Less trouble than Heizen.

Sweetie has been in JawJa this week visiting with his mom'n'em. Received a letter from the unemployment office that his benefits claim has been denied and had to relay that news to him today. He has the right to appeal. I thought that there would be an actual hearing for this sort of thing. Sweetie is pretty damned torqued over this latest turn. He has some aces up his sleeve, apparently, having to do with Department of Health violations. Won't help his case, but will make him feel better.

I'm staying out of it. Because, you know, I have knitting to soothe my nerves.