Monday, November 13, 2006


Milly the Barn Cat (now also Indoor!) had her comeuppance today. She was raised with bunnies, and must think of them as her slow siblings. She loves to chase the two ground pounders in the barn. She also loves to torment Murgie in the house. I always thought it was funplaying, even though the cat has real claws and teeth. Well, Murgie also has teeth, and after a particularly vicious ambush by Millie, nipped her hard enough that Millie "yeeeowwed" and disappeared for several hours. Every body is fine! And I am glad to know that Murgie has at least some defense against bad guys.

Right now, the couch cushion covers are in the wash. Ah, the sweet stench of bunny pee, takes me back to ole Virginiee. Also had to take the area rug out, as that is another favorite marking area. He does use his cage for his business, and is getting real good at using the paper, too. I just have to break him from peeing on the couch. Murgie is very sneaky and knows that I don't like it, but it's as though he is addicted and can't help himself. On the bright side, he doesn't pee anywhere else.

The new medz are working quite well, thank you very much. That pesky inner dead feeling is gone, the force of gravity has been cut in half (at least) and I have the energy to DO STUFF. And a good thing, too, as the weather here in not the cheeriest. Grey skies, spits of drizzle, about 45 degrees.

My knitting has been focused on the shawl, as I am about 80 rows from home. Well - there is a border - but still, an end is in sight. I look longingly at the sock yarn that like a siren, calls my name. I put wax in my ears (is that what that is?) and continue to knit the shawl.

Here is a picture of a local cat, age about 6 months, grey and white, no tail (just a bloody stump.) A stray. If you need or just want another feline in your household, drop me a line.