Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pure and Natural

Back from the Fiber Event in Greencastle, with nary a photo on my camera.

The worst parts: booking a room for three on Thursday night, and spending it alone. Stuff happens.

Hippie Art Chick punked out on us for the weekend. She is forgiven.

The best parts: taking 99 batts of beautiful angora blend, and coming home with 7. (Squee!)

My goal was to gross $800 and I beat that.

The wonderful customers who came looking for me.

Wearing full costume, especially Saturday. A red linen Coldwater Creek outfit from the Goodwill, 6 knit flowers in my hair, the festive shawl, etc. etc. One person remarked that "Anywhere else, you'd be considered exotic!"

(For a person who usually shuns the limelight, on festival days I really get into the spirit. A costume helps.)

Being with Lynne of Blue Acorn, who also had great sales. Yay!

Being with Helena Handbag on Friday. Double yay!

Seeing lots of other friends.

And finding a vet to neuter L'il Bit!