Monday, February 02, 2009

We use only the finest ingredients.

It is six pee em, and the sun has not quite set. Snow is expected tonight and tomorrow. No ice. Yay.

I was able to free my car from the driveway today and go to Corydon for groceries and lipstick. It was the first time I had left the house in a week.

Knitting Linguist remarked on the work it takes to dye angora. It also takes time to shear the wool, and all the bunny care that goes into insuring an animal has good wool. After dyeing, there is the carding, which also has to be done with care. Angora is a luxury fiber for a reason.

Someone commented on the number of barn bunnies I have. At the moment, there are a mere 24, and all of them have names and personalities. They are:

Andy, Spike, Zero, Walter, Saber, Sister, Claudia, Silky, Whitey, Grumpy Daddy, Grumpy Junior, Anna Belle, Louise, Kelly Bob, Oscar Wilde Hare, Bongo, Goober, Tutu, Icky Thump, Precious, Fuzzy Bob, Ginger, Sugar, and Bobby Bob.

Inside, I have Virginia and her baby Whiffle Ball. Plus three outside bunnies that are being kept until they are large enough to live outside in the big, bad world.

This is Sweetie on the couch with Whiffle Ball, Reese's, and Buster.

The outside bunnies that I normally see and tend to are: Ramsey, Smokey, Little Grey, Frankie, Harriet, Chocolate Chip, Wild Brownie, and the newly released Bigger Brown who is in fact, not so big compared to his outside brethren.

I am fully aware of the risks of stopping anti-robotics mid-course and I did not do it without some compunction. And I ate good yoghurt during dosing. My system is back to normal now and my sinuses are much less clogged.

The ice is gone from the trees and the aspen out front is no longer a perfect arc, but rather an upright tree. Here is a shot from the barn window of the back of our house.