Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Benefits!


Let me begin by saying that I seldom win anything. A twist contest in 1966, a newspaper coloring contest at about the same time, the towels at the Shakertown retreat in 2008.

So, only because nobody else entered her contest, I composed a short epitaph for Thoughts from an eclectic goth mind., and it was only because nobody else even tried,(!) I won. You guys, my three readers, go there!

And what a win! This beautiful black cotton, tatted choker with silver and other black bits! I will so wear this! I love it, and even Sweetie remarked on its coolness.

So please, go visit her site and add her to your feed! She posts almost every day, and is a sweet and interesting person. And talented in many ways. Tatting, bobbin lace, photography, calligraphy, and probably in numerous other ways too. She knits, even.

Now in 24-pack!

I rather like the concept.