Thursday, March 22, 2007

And a cute bunny picture

Blue Acorn sent me this intensely crazy sock puppet. What a friend!

I have been dyeing and drumcarding like the crazy person I am. The Drive by Knitter wondered where she could get my stuff, since my website is still so lame that I am not offering fiber online, yet. Answer, email me! Or come to Greencastle next month.

The fiber will be a blend of angora, merino and silk and will be produced in two pound lots. I think. Colors will be similar to last year with purples, greens and russetts mainly. I might create smaller amounts of several other shades. Maybe dye some silk for plying. Yeah, I'm on top of things!

In the end there will be pounds of fiber and it will be lovely and easy to spin. Eight dollars an ounce. What a bargain.