Friday, February 26, 2010

Not for children under two years of age.

I am sitting here, with poor Tutu in my lap. He has been mysteriously paralyzed in the hind quarters for several months. (Same thing happened to Grumpy Jr. at about the same time, but he died quickly.) Tutu has been eating, drinking, and altogether getting along okay until a couple of days ago, when I noticed a sudden decline in him. To the point where he couldn't really motivate around at all, and he was just laying on his side.

I have just fed him several syringes of liquid, cherry flavored Benadryl, and he is resting and calm.

He will probably pass on in a little while, very comfortably.

I hate this.

Last two nights, I have dreamed of dead and dying bunnies.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Business for Sale

Business for Sale

After much soul searching and deliberation, I have decided to sell my business, Fuzzarelly Fibers.

The sale includes:

about 20 angora bunnies

their cages and feeding supplies

their grooming and health supplies

a Pat Green triple carder, new in Feb 09

several pounds of raw and dyed fiber

the website, paid through this year

the good name of Fuzzarelly Fibers

I have worked hard to establish my business, which is a viable business, but I can no longer keep up with the bunnies needs and my own needs.

$4000 Serious inquires only, please.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rub in Gently.

This morning, we have Sunshine! Still have the snow, but now it is blindingly bright outside, not dismally dull.

Victoria, my brother Harry made that palm tree out of sheet metal and gave it to me a couple of years ago. It sits out by the road and I must say that I am surprised and gratified that nobody has snatched it up for scrap.

Different neighbors have complained about thievery from inside and outside of their homes in the last several weeks. I haven't noticed anything amiss or missing. Sometimes, being seen with a revolver or air soft AK 47 around town makes people think twice about messing with me and mine. Ya think?

My knitting has consisted of garter stitch patches made for the worn heels of my socks. I knit the patch then just overhand stitch it into place. Two pair down, four pair to go. Some of my heels never seem to get holes, others take mere weeks. The hand spun ones, in particular, but also a pair made from Knitpicks sock yarn and two pair Cherry Tree Hill.

I ordered Cat Bordhi's book on socks yesterday, Something Footprints.

Along with a book I once had, then gave to Sweetie's sister, Strong Women Stay Slim. After saying for over a month that I needed to go upstairs to our workout room, I finally did so yesterday. I rode the bike for 10 minutes, (and feel it in my legs today,) and did a bit of free weights. The book has all sorts of great information about eksercising and diet, (not dieting, diet,) and I used it faithfully 8 years ago, or so. And I was buff because of it.

I've have decided that it is time to begin living again, to take care of myself more, (and less of everyone else,) and to quit whining inwardly about how awful I look and feel. My life is not over.

I have decided that I will not be living in this house or this town at the end of the year.

I will pursue a healing path. More on that later.

I will seek out challenges so that I will not be bored.

Today, I may even enter my studio.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Return empties here

Enough with the snow already. We got four more inches by yesterday afternoon, on top of what we got late last week.

But then there are the indoor bunnies. Little Tan and White is growing so big!

I am trying to teach Zander not to eat them.

Princess already knows.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

pants on the ground

K1 P1

It has been snowing here. I am liking it.

About 6 inches, which is more than we have had since 2004.

I try to feed the outside bunnies. This is Black Jack Junior and Chocolate Chip.

I have been knitting hats. This one looks so good on Sweetie!

I just cast on long tail, with about 6 feet of tail. No matter the yarn weight. It always seems to work out.

(about three times the ending circumference.) My rule of thumb.

I did a little fair isle with this one. And it looks so trendy on him! I think it is the cream color hand spun that looks so good on him. The green is all angora. The cream is unknown sheep.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

What's your F stop?

The BBc has photos from around Scotland every week.

Fully packed.

This is where I heard about Spoonflower fabrics.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rotate stock.

This is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I wonder when there will be an affordable home version?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Make the Most of Your Listening


Sweetie works at a paper recycling plant, and they get books. Oh, man, do they get books. And Sweetie? Brings a lot of them home. After Christmas, there were tons of children's books that were just tossed, and he must have brought home forty of them, which we gave to Autumn, Good Neighbor Nancy's little four year old. Both are delighted! Not all were just books, but some were activity sets, with paint and little things to paint. Also, models of cats, dogs, dinosaurs, etc., that showed their inner workings. Like the old models of men and women back when I was a kid. Do they still make those? I want to call them Invisible Man, but I know that is wrong. See-thru Man? Plastic Man?

Sweetie says that there are a lot of right wing propaganda that is not selling, and so is being shredded. (Maybe made into toilet paper? Heh heh.)

But there are other books, too; ones he thinks I might be interested in, and those get brought home, too.

Therefore, I have read three books in the last two weeks. I used to read All. The. Time. as a younger person, and I read a number a magazines now, but I don't read much fiction. He brought home The Lovely Bones, and I don't know if I can bear to read it. I am already sad and depressed much of the time as it is, without reading about a fourteen-year-old girl's rape and murder. I did read Ron "Tator Salad" White's book, I Had the Right to Remain Silent, But I Didn't Have the Ability. Slim and somewhat amusing. Before that, I settled in with The Medieval Heretics. What can I say? It is awful, though, to contemplate being burned alive at the stake for such things as not believing that the host and wine really do become the flesh and blood of Jesus.

Now, I have embarked upon the weighty tome of Cromwell, The Lord Protector. At least I know how this one turns out.

That's my problem with fiction, I reckon, the not knowing. I am one of those that sometimes reads the final page or paragraph of a book to see if I can commit to reading it.

Thanks to all who commented on the photo I posted of the Ice Willow! Mountain Man, it really was one of those once-in-a-lifetime scenes.