Monday, May 19, 2008

May Cause Upset Stomach

Zippiknits asked about putting the partly knit shawl on a thread. Yes, I took it off the needles and placed it on a long piece of yarn. Not toooo scary, and I made only two, easily fixed boo boos in the process. But I had to do it. Not knowing how big it had become was driving me to crazy. (Crazy: Take exit 112)

The Azalea pattern is about the easiest lace pattern I've done. It is a twelve row repeat, and every other row is plain knit. Very sweet. And the six rows of pattern are so logical that I have not made any mistakes. That I know of. (Ms. Kinzel is known for her well-edited patterns.) There are 4 row patterns that I seem incapable of doing. But this? Piece o' cake. Really! Lace is not that hard, it just looks like it.

Bought a new weed eater this weekend and I took pictures of the pretty yard. Also took a snap of the barn. I looked for and found an actual photograph of the same barn from when we moved here, 1994.

We may not have fixed it up as much as I would like, but at least we have not let it deteriorate much.

Back then, the barn, and the back yard, contained so much junk and nasty stuff that we got $500 off the asking price because we said we'd deal with it. When I pulled a deer leg, old and dirty Pampers, and moldy bags of clothing out of a trash pile, I wished we had paid the extra money. My stomach is strong but some of this stuff was way past narsty.