Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simmer for 30 minutes.

My fibers are now online at the The Woolery. The Hot Pink and Lime are not available through them. Yet. I do not know why they are in the photo.

My friend that works part time at The Woolery said that everybody was quite taken with the batts. She said that she was finally emboldened to spin some fiber she bought from me several months ago and was delighted to say that it wasn't hard to spin. Duh! That's what makes it so great and not-scary-at-all. It is easy to spin because of how it has been treated, as well as that little bit o' sheep wool and/or other fibers. Angora! Gotta love it.

We will see if it sells. It is the same price as plain, plucked angora and less than carded angora.

On other fronts, I was able to figure out how to process the video I captured on my little point-and-shoot camera last month. IMovie to the rescue! I may try to embed it later, if you all are interested in a minute of our back yard life. With music and sound effects.