Sunday, August 15, 2010

No parking.

Alas. What can I say? The days of having 3 dogs are over because of what happened this morning, when Zander broke her harness and ran amok, killing one of the baby bantys. Sigh. (Another flock of one.)

At least it was only the one. Maybe it was going to grow up to be another rooster. I try to look at the bright side.

But the dark side is that Sweetie and I have been fooling around with nitro glycerine, having a bull dog and a cattle dog around chickens and bunnies. The explosion was bound to happen and I am sorry.

I kept Sweetie from shooting Zander outright. He was so angry that he was shaking. When shit like this happens, my first thoughts are to keeping him calm, and that prevents me from getting all emotional. (Also, my childhood coping mechanism of disassociation helped.) He took Zander to our renters, who do dog rescue, and because they were not home he put her into a cage on their front porch. Later? He took her water, and later still, as the renters were still gone, he brought her back home.

But still, both dogs need to live elsewhere. A place with a fenced yard so they can run, and with a younger person that can work with them. Princess can stay, because although she likes to run and chase, she's a pointer not a killer. I don't need three dogs. The renters have said they will take them in.

And I am sorry. Fuck.