Friday, December 13, 2013

Because Wool.

I used to weave. I once had several looms. I also had tendonitis, and eventually, I had no looms anymore. But I have wanted to weave a little bit, do something with my hand spun besides knit, and so I bought this.

I warped a short cotton warp and I wove some samples using cotton, mohair, wool and chenille as weft and I was well and truly pleased, especially at how gentle it was on my body and how nice the selvedges were. (Someday, I may make a warp weighted loom. Because weaving.

Not smart enough to leave well enough alone, and use commercial warp, I spun 700 yards of a Lincoln cross. It has no give. I am now naturally dyeing it with summer leftover dye and I have washed the brown fleece, double coated and I can't remember the breed, which shall be the weft. The soft undercoat part. I hope to weave 9 feet of fabric, 18" wide, and then felt it, and then make something with it.

It's a happy thing to be doing in December, especially as today brings rain and then snow tonight.