Friday, June 26, 2009

Heat Warning

Saving baby bats. I was all set to be cynical, but the shot at the end made me go "awwww."

Do you feel fat today? Or wrinkled? Or bad at laundry? Or, are you a guy?

And duck. Nice.

All disapproval, all the time.

Not my family reunion. Wish it were.

Stuff that Sweetie likes.

0 grams trans fat per serving

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch posted about dreaming in cartoons, and wondered if it were weird.

No weirder than my movie dreams starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and just recently, Stephen Colbert. (Who is way hot and sexy, in my opinion and at my age.)

But the dream I had Monday night was merely disturbing and sad. In my dream, my (long-dead) mother and I were housemates somewhere and she told me that she was pregnant. IMD, I realized that this was impossible only because it had been 42 years since her last pregnancy. But IMD, that part was glossed over and the real news was that the baby was a girl and I was going to have a sister and I was so happy, so elated and so joyous.

After more weird and unrelated images, I woke up and was so very sad to realize that it was only a dream. In fact, I was depressed and sick feeling for most of the day.

Then on Thursday, at the liquor store - this is real and not a dream - I got hit on by a younger, good looking man. WTF?

Twenty, even ten years ago, I wouldn't have been surprised because I was once cute, way back then. However, the way I look and feel now? What sort of sane, young person would look at me twice? Of course, he may have been insane, drunk, fucked up and/or horny.

It was kind of nice, though.