Sunday, February 18, 2007


Finally got enough snow to talk about. Barely. There may be an inch on some grassy areas. I like it because, on this sunny day, it makes the outside even brighter. Warmer weather is expected in a day or two, and I'm hoping the forecast is correct as I really really need to clip some bunnies. And move at least two back to the barn. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. (The wires that Heizen chewed through was for the ac adapter/battery recharger. So. I can use the camera after all but I'll use up more more batteries.)

I used to watch Trauma: Life in the ER way back when we had the dish. The show was gruesome but it also filled me with optimism that even horribly icky damage to the body could be fixed. Weirdly comforting. That must be why treating Harry hasn't been bad. Also, he's a very good patient as if he knows I'm helping him.

These are pictures from last night. Notice the big black scabby piece of, uh, scab below his left nostril. Well, it fell off last night and the area underneath is healthy and pink.

Here he is showing his regal profile.

The babies are growing! Seventeen, eighteen days old and just lookie here at the pretty brown one with eyes open. Awwww.

This little guy just crackered me up. Well you know, the fun never ceases around here.

Progress is being made on the shawl but no pictures. The colors will be calmer than the last, garish one. I mean garish in the nicest possible way, of course.