Friday, November 13, 2009

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I have been busy. And sick with allergies, it being harvest time and all. I'm wishing it would rain, to cleanse the air, but none is forecast until next week. Hurricane Ida completely missed us.

From the recently dyed yarn, I began another pair of socks. It's hard to see, but there is a zig-zag pattern in moss stitch going on there. I am getting close to heel time, and may do the flap in moss stitch, too. Or eye of partridge.

Work on the rental house is underway.

My handyman, Josh, has torn out the nasty carpet and pads, and is working on removing all the staples from the hardwood floors. One of the front rooms was revealed to have this cool log-cabin-type floor! The center boards are normal and parallel, but four feet of the edges look like this.

The outbuilding was full of trash bags of dirty Pampers and empty beer cans - how incredibly nasty. And depressing. Three of the four doors have been replaced, and I am ordering 6 replacement windows from Home Depot today. (They have free delivery! plus an easy-to-navigate website. Not Loew's, though. They don't even show prices. Not with it, guys.) This is some of the artwork left behind.

Yesterday, the roof got painted. Once the windows are installed, there is painting to be done top to bottom inside, plus stick-on tile flooring in the kitchen. The list just goes on. And on. But Josh is a hard worker, if a bit ADD and spazzy and loud.

As for me, I am still sober and except for the allergies, doing well. Sweetie is working crazy-ass hours, and the assorted critters keep doing their crittery things; wool, eggs, shedding....