Sunday, October 04, 2009

Your Home Town Agent

I am of an age that I took Home Economics in seventh and eighth grades. My teachers pretty much hated me because I was such a bored wise ass and I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

One of the things that we girls (there were only girls in Home Ec back then,) were taught was Egg Safety which mostly consisted of breaking each egg separately into a cup before adding to the recipe. I thought it was the stupidest, most time wasting thing I had ever heard of. Eggs came from the store, and they were never bad. Jeesh.

Now, I have chickens. Five hens that mostly lay their eggs in the chicken tractor/coop and I collect them daily. (Thank you, hens!)

I finally got around to weed whacking today, since Sweetie hasn't had the time, (ahem) and I found a cache of seventeen large brown eggs from my two big girls. I had no idea how old they were, but I was loathe to just throw them out. I mean, seventeen eggs! Really. A shame to waste all that protein.

But were they still good? That was when that 1971 home ec lesson came home to roost, so to speak. I cracked open the oldest looking ones, the ones that had been at the bottom of the pile, one by one into a little cup. And they were all good.

My apologies to those hateful teachers. Even a blind nut finds a squirrel once in awhile.

We are eating a late lunch of eggs today.