Thursday, February 26, 2009



As I was carding bunny and sheep bits this afternoon, I considered what I might could blog about, concerning the fiber. (I really do not want this blog to be so much about the business. Boring.)

Firstly, when I write "mats," what I mean is the short bits of feet, belly, and tail wool of the bunny, plus the less than perfect bits. (I save it all, and sort it into categories.) Some bits are matted, and those I cut into small pieces. Once all of these so-called mats are run through the carder and mixed with a bit of sheep, they begin to look mighty fine.

The four categories I use in wool sorting are: best (3 inches or longer,) shorts (less than 3 Inches in length), combings, and mats.

I spun up some of the Lumpy Bunny and plied it with thread, and it is lovely! Soft and slightly textured. Nothing "matted" about it.

Doesn't matter! har har

I feel as though my life-force has returned lately and I am happy to be at work. I am happy to be doing what I am doing.

Spring is burgeoning.