Monday, September 25, 2006


It's noticeable now, the change of the seasons. Today, I saw fields of goldenrod and wild purple ageratum. Feral sunflowers. Rogue tobacco. The sumac is reddening. The field corn has turned brown and is ready for harvest. The soybeans are getting a yellow tinge to their uppermost leaves. The old Whore Summer is leaving and the Autumnal Hag is here with her paints.

Really, it is beautiful. The sky is that robin's egg blue only seen in the fall, with white puffy clouds shufflin' off to Buffalo. Rained buckets over the weekend. The trees are only thinking about color - it's not quite time. First frost is generally Oct. 10 around here and that is when the foliage shines.

Mundane - Ordered my first pair of bifocals today. I can see the TV fine with my glasses on, and I knit best with my glasses off. You see the dilemma. Get new glasses or throw away the TV. I was sore tempted to toss the TV. As long as it is free, I will have a receiver.

Is it a common fantasy to wish to be either in a convent or a jail. In some sort of situation where one is supplied with three hots and a cot. And one can just be left alone to do one's thing. That is my fantasy. It is also Sweetie's. We are just sloths.