Sunday, June 19, 2011

Requires Shade.

The only other business in my Indiana town, besides the post office and the general store, is the green house. I was fortunate to be invited to help myself to three flats of bedding plants and herbs on Dump Day. Sales had been below par, and so Tom was dumping a lot of flora into the mulch pile and it was a sad sight. 

I started with two boxes and Tom encouraged me to take a third, but I know my limits and so kept it at that. Geraniums, New Guinea Impatience, petunias, coleus, marigolds, and a variety of herbs including basil, chives, parsley, dill, lavendar and oregano. 

And two fig trees! In Missouri! (There on the left.) I was told that they will survive the winter if caged and mulched with leaves. That was really the coolest thing, because just the day before, my friend Lorie said that she wished for a fig tree. These are not ficus, but real fruit bearing plants. I am very excited. If I choose to keep my two, I definitely will buy my friend one of her own!

Lots of weather around; more thunderstorms tonight. Wondering when it will be dry enough to mow the grass here - it's getting thick out there.