Friday, July 31, 2009

Extra Strength


My hand is back to normal, but I am still careful for it. What a bizarre injury that was.

I have actually been working in the studio. I knoooow! The first day at the drum carder, after taking a break, is always hell on my legs, because of shin splints from back in the costume-house days, where I spent hours standing on concrete floors. After the first day, it becomes bearable. I keep meaning to bring in a stool from the barn. Dang it.

I also completed the pattern for Fuzzarelly's Cloche Hat, with 2 variations. I seem to be getting better at this pattern thing. Also the NeoOffice thing, which is the word processing application I use.

Click for very big.

Our cash is so low that I have been buying groceries and gas with the credit card. I was ready to start paying the utilities with it, too. But, Halloo and Hallay! Sweetie's 401k money has arrived, much more quickly that I imagined.

I told Sweetie that he still needed to get a job, however.

I am going to offer some few things for sale here or on eBay. Handspun. I'll post about it when I get my crap together.

Oh, and before I forget. This is my new email address: fuzzarelly dot mckellar at gee male dot com.