Saturday, June 10, 2006



Har har! (I crack me up.)

Sweetie has had a couple of days off - meaning that I have had no access to the computer. (Note to self: Add to the honeydew list and get him out of the house next time.)

Went to the Friendship Spinners meeting today and had a great time! Lots and lots of people there and exceedingly excellent food, and I would love to show you pictures of it all but someone forgot the camera. I have issues with cameras. My first husband, the Pyg, was a professional photographer, (among other things to which I may refer from time to time,) which means that he spent a lot of money buying film, taking pictures, developing pictures, renting equipment, renting a studio and so on and sometimes he got paid in return. Anyway, he had a way of intimidating the crap out of me whenever I would try to take a photo on my own. (He also made fun of my singing and tap dancing efforts.)(And my poetry.) It was years before I would even use a simple point and shoot camera. Three years ago, Sweetie got a digital, hoping I would "get into it" and take shots of my art. (Yes, I am or was an artist. I'll share on that later.) The thing gathered dust for ages until last year when I began selling fiber on eBay and HAD to use the digital. Turns out that it is not so scary and I am not so bad at it. Still, it isn't second nature to grab for me the camera whenever I go to places of interest.

I have been knitting on the shawl. Here is a shot of it on a string and laid flat with a yardstick for scale. Unblocked it is 30" square - 900 square inches done out of the 2304 needed. You can see an inch or so around the edges where I began the second skein, the one with fuchsia and red. Subtuttle but effective.

I am liking the pattern and have decided to stay with it throughout, only switching to a shale pattern for the last 6" or when I begin the third skein.

Fuzzarelly came out for a romp yesterday and this evening. She and Percival had a rendezvous.